Thank you for joining the FACE it campaign. We are going to capture attention because it is time to FACE it! We have to act now to end childhood dementia. Here are instructions and ideas on how to take part.

1. Paint your face. It doesn't have to be perfect. Be bold. Be messy!

Your kids will probably love doing this for you. We recommend setting up outdoors or in your bathroom. Our image gallery below might give you some ideas.

You can order face paints online quickly from Target, Kmart or Amazon. Alternatively, use what you have. Eyeliner, lipstick, eyeshadow – these will work too. If you want to be even more resourceful, here's an easy face paint recipe that uses just sorbelene cream (or any type of body lotion), corn flour and food colouring. 

2. Add your photo to the FACING it wall

Send us your photo to be included on the FACING it photo wall. We'll unveil this colourful wall of faces on Childhood Dementia Day, September 22, but we will continue to add faces to it as we receive them. 

3. Share your photo on social media 

Share your painted face on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram... everywhere, to grab attention.

Post your picture on, before (or after) September 22nd, the first ever Childhood Dementia Day. 

Here's some wording and hashtags you can use:

It's time to FACE it. Childhood dementia exists. We have to take action now. I'm joining the effort so that no family is left to watch their child suffer and die with dementia.

You can too:

#faceit #childhooddementia

Image gallery for inspiration and ideas