FACE it with your family

Thank you for joining the FACE it childhood dementia awareness campaign. You’ll help raise awareness and funds for kids with dementia. Schools, families and businesses are joining together to FACE it.

FACE it at school

Set a date in September. Invite students and teachers to make a gold coin or $5 donation. Grab attention by making your faces colourful.


FACE it at work

Bring your team and customers together, have fun, and maybe even get competitive. You'll make childhood dementia impossible to ignore.


FACE it with your family

Get colourful (let kids paint your face and they'll never forget it), share a photo and join people everywhere who are FACING it. 


It’s easy and fun to FACE it and your involvement really counts. Here's how you can join the movement that's making childhood dementia impossible to ignore:

1. Bring awareness to childhood dementia by painting your face in September

It doesn't have to be perfect. Be bold. Be messy! Better yet, ask a child to paint your face. They love it. Alternatively, dare a friend to FACE it too. If you're game, have a FACE off on social media by asking friends and family who created the most eye-catching face. You can use face paints, but if you don't have any, try using what you have. Eyeliner, lipstick, eyeshadow, stickers: these will work too.

2. Share your photo on social media #childhooddementia #FACEit
The 21st of September is Childhood Dementia Day and a great day to share your photo. 

3. Donate and ask your contacts too also
You can add the option to donate to Childhood Dementia Initiative on a Facebook post or simply send people here: Here’s some suggested text you can use if you’d like it:
I've joined the FACE it awareness campaign to make childhood dementia impossible to ignore. Did you know that every 11 minutes someone dies with childhood dementia? Please donate to Childhood Dementia Initiative to drive research and better support for kids.
#childhooddementia #faceit