FACE it at school

Thank you for joining the FACE it childhood dementia awareness campaign. You’ll help raise awareness and funds for kids with dementia. 

Schools, families and businesses are joining together. You can see just some of them listed hereIt’s easy and fun to FACE it. Here, you'll find information and tips to FACE it at school.

Register your school

Register your school to show you care. You’ll get a Schools Pack with everything you need to FACE it at school.


FACE it at school

Set a date in September. Invite students and teachers to make a gold coin or $5 donation. Grab attention by making your faces colourful.


Childhood dementia info

Childhood dementia is genetic: some kids are born with it. It makes it harder and harder to remember things, learn and move.


Why it's time to FACE it

700,000 people are estimated to be living with childhood dementia today.

Every 11 minutes, someone dies from childhood dementia.

There's not enough research 

Most people haven't heard of childhood dementia and it hasn't attracted enough attention or research.

Be bold,

make it easy,

or be messy!

Register your school 

Schools everywhere are joining the FACE it awareness campaign. Register here to show the world your school is FACING it too!

You'll get the FACE it Schools Pack with everything you need to get started:

  • Poster for your school
  • Images and text for newsletters and emails
  • Tips and info for parents and teachers 
  • Information resources on childhood dementia

Register your school here and check out who else is involved.