Our focus areas

We’re here to find answers. We’re here to find better ways to research and treat the 70+ disorders that lead to childhood dementia. We're here to ensure the voice of those impacted by childhood dementia is heard and that health and social care systems change to ensure the best quality of life possible for everyone impacted by childhood dementia.

Find therapeutic solutions

We bring great minds together traversing countries, diseases and specialities, combining advances in emerging fields, to enable economies of scale across the medical research pipeline. We are driving a global, collective approach, with end-to-end innovative, fast-tracked and collaborative research programs that lead to treatments and cures for children.

Improve quality of life

We raise awareness and understanding of childhood dementia and the devastating impact it has on children, their families and our economy. We advocate for funding, research and systemic change across government, regulatory bodies, patient groups, medical and scientific communities and the general public to fast-track solutions for families dealing with the heartbreaking diagnosis of childhood dementia.