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Let the Australian government know you’d like more action directed to childhood dementia.

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Childhood dementia is unacceptable

Childhood dementia affects as many children as cystic fibrosis. There’s no cure and not enough research. Sign our petition asking the Australian government to direct more funding and action to childhood dementia. 

There are an estimated 700,0001 children and young people worldwide suffering from childhood dementia. They suffer declines similar to those experienced by adults with dementia: they lose their memories, concentration, speech and ability to move. They suffer from confusion, distress, hallucinations and personality changes. Most die before reaching adulthood. 

More than 70 genetic disorders have been identified as causing childhood dementia. Fewer than 5% have treatments. In Australia, a child is born with one of these disorders every 3 days. Parents are being told they have no other option than to watch their children slowly die.

It’s unacceptable that childhood dementia attracts little research, funding or support. 

Childhood Dementia Initiative is calling for urgent change:

  • More research funding for childhood dementia.
  • A new approach to research to accelerate progress. This includes global partnerships and research on multiple disorders at the same time.
  • Improved care and quality of life for children with dementia.

Please sign the petition and let the Australian government know you’d like more funding and action directed to childhood dementia.

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