Childhood Dementia Knowledgebase 

Thank you for your interest in childhood dementia. The Childhood Dementia Knowledgebase is a relational database that provides key statistics for each of the 100+ conditions that cause childhood dementia. This includes:

  • Incidence
  • Prevalence
  • Life expectancy
  • Age of onset and diagnosis
  • Genetic cause
  • Signs and symptoms
  • Disease mechanisms (coming soon)

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This powerful resource gives the ability to identify disorders with a particular symptom or which are amenable to a certain treatment approach, encouraging the concurrent study of multiple childhood dementia disorders. It was designed as a public resource for all clinicians and researchers to interrogate their research and plan new and innovative research projects.

Please know that the Childhood Dementia Knowledgebase is based on published medical and scientific literature which is constantly evolving. The Knowledgebase is for research and educational use only and is not a replacement for the original source or a real-time search of the literature. Additionally, it is not a substitute for professional medical advice.

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The many neurodegenerative disorders that cause childhood dementia collectively affect around 700,000 children and young people worldwide. We're driving accelerated action for all of these disorders and referring to them under the umbrella term ‘childhood dementia’.

We are bringing together the world’s brilliant health and medical researchers to work collaboratively to develop new effective treatments. The Childhood Dementia Knowledgbase is an example of the shared infrastructure and efficiencies in research Childhood Dementia Initiative is driving.

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