Fundraise for kids with dementia

Join the vibrant movement that's creating a better world for kids with dementia.

There are many ways you can fundraise and help kids with dementia. You'll feel great. There's really nothing like it. Here are some ideas:

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You'll help kids like Amelia and Makenzie.

Knowing that your fundraising will help kids like Amelia and Makenzie makes it extra rewarding. In this heartbreaking video, their mum, Karen, shares the impacts of childhood dementia on her twin girls. 

Meet some of the people fundraising for children with dementia

Mick Simpson dementia walk

Mick Simpson’s Walk Over Dementia

After his own dementia diagnosis, Mick decided to raise awareness and funds for not only adults with dementia, but kids too.

In June 2023, Mick walked over 180 kms from Kyabram to Melbourne’s Parliament House, to inspire change and reduce the stigma around living with dementia. He was interviewed on the radio, for TV, met with MPs and along his walk he shared his message and inspired people to donate.

It’s deeply touching seeing adults like Mick who are living with dementia passionately advocating for their childhood counterparts. Adults understand first-hand what children are going through and can share this in a way a child never will.

We know Mick's incredible achievement left a lasting impression on people across Victoria and Australia. 

Al’s Gold Coast Marathon

Al is dad to Isla and Jude, who both have dementia. He told us that this has been a journey filled with heartache, frustration and a desire to find a cure.

In July 2023, he ran 42 kms in the Gold Coast Marathon for his beautiful children and to raise funds and awareness for all kids with dementia. He said the marathon is “a way for me to channel my love and dedication for Isla and Jude” and that “knowing that my efforts will make a difference in the lives of others helps me stay focused and dedicated to my training.”

The response to Al was great, helping him raise much more than he thought possible. “First and foremost, I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude towards those who donated,” and that his supporters “inspired me to push harder to bring about positive change in the lives of children like Isla and Jude.”

3 Peaks Challenge

In November 2023, this determined group of 6 scaled three peaks in the Victorian high country to champion children with dementia. As you can see, they navigated tough terrain as part of the 3 Peaks Challenge.

Together, they raised an incredible $20,000 and generated a wave of awareness for childhood dementia among their friends, families and colleagues.

This group isn't just climbing mountains; they're part of a larger movement changing the world for children with dementia. A movement pushing for treatments and the support children urgently need. We are in awe and send our heartfelt thanks to these intrepid trekkers and everyone who donated to them.

FACE it Denison College

Denison College Students FACE it

In September 2023, students from Denison College at the Bathurst High Campus joined our annual awareness campaign, FACE it.

FACE it is alll about making childhood dementia impossible to ignore. Workplaces, families and schools all shared photos of their colourful faces on Childhood Dementia Day.

The students really enjoyed making their faces colourful. They added a simple fundraiser to the day via a gold coin donation to increase their impact and create lasting change for kids with dementia.

We can't wait to see colourful faces across schools in September 2024. Learn more here