Thousands of children are suffering and dying slowly from dementia, most will die before they turn 18, some in infancy, and all will die prematurely. One of the biggest problems: no one knows childhood dementia exists.

It’s time we face it. Our FACE it awareness campaign is making sure governments, researchers, social and health care professionals know that it is a problem we cannot ignore. No family should have to watch their child suffer and die.

Join our FACE it awareness campaign. Donate Now.

You can bring awareness that childhood dementia DOES exist by painting your face. (Better yet, ask a child to and have some fun!) Share your picture on social media, tell your contacts why, and donate below. 

Here's some wording and hashtags you can use:

It's time to FACE it. Childhood dementia exists. We have to take action now. I'm joining the effort so that no family is left to watch their child suffer and die.

You can too: #faceit #childhooddementia

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Childhood Dementia Initiative (ABN 84 642 096 053) is a registered non-profit charity.

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