Join the movement that's making childhood dementia impossible to ignore. 

Paint your face and donate or show your support by making a donation today. 


FACE it at school

Set a date in September. Invite students and teachers to make a gold coin or $5 donation. Grab attention by making your faces colourful.


FACE it at work

Bring your team and customers together, have fun, and maybe even get competitive. You'll make childhood dementia impossible to ignore.


FACE it with your family

Get colourful (let kids paint your face and they'll never forget it), share a photo and join people everywhere who are FACING it. 


Thousands of children are suffering and dying slowly from dementia, most will die before they turn 18, some in infancy. One of the biggest problems: no one knows childhood dementia exists.

No family should have to watch their child suffer and die from dementia. If you agree, FACE it with us! Our FACE it campaign is all about making childhood dementia impossible to ignore. 

  • Paint your face
  • Share it on September 21, Childhood Dementia Day, so the whole world can see you FACE it. #faceit #childhooddementia
  • Help drive better research and support for kids with dementia by donating

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Why it's time to FACE it

700,000 people are estimated to be living with childhood dementia today.

Around one in every 2,800 babies are born with a condition that causes childhood dementia. This is more than are born with well-known conditions like cystic fibrosis.

Every 11 minutes, someone dies from childhood dementia.

48,300 die each year. Sadly, around 75% of children with dementia have a life expectancy of under 18.

Most people haven't heard of childhood dementia

Families share with us that low levels of understanding can make it difficult to get a diagnosis or the right care and support.

There's not enough research 

Research into treating or even slowing childhood dementia has been very limited. Researchers need support to focus on finding urgently needed treatments. 




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