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I'm a researcher interested in childhood dementia

For researchers

Learn how we can work together

Childhood Dementia Initiative drives accelerated medical research, collaborations, and funding to bring new effective treatments to children. If you are a researcher working on childhood dementia, or interested in moving into this field, connect with us and find out more about how we can work together.

I work with families affected by childhood dementia

For professionals

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Health and care professionals play crucial roles in the lives of children and families. A growing community of professionals are learning more and contributing to improved care and support. Connect with us for updates, emerging research, information & resources.

My family is impacted by childhood dementia

For families

Have your say & stay up to date

The Childhood Dementia Advocates Program is an avenue to have your voice heard by health and policy decision makers. We'll keep you updated on progress and opportunities to get involved. If you are bereaved or caring for a child today, we invite you to join us. 

I want to give to help children with dementia

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Your support ensures that children with dementia finally receive the urgent action they so desperately need. There are many ways that you can make a meaningful contribution. This includes donating, fundraising and getting involved at work. Find out more about ways that you can give.


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18 Sept 2024

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Global experts discuss latest research inequity analysis.

Webinar recording

Experts discuss research on the extent of childhood dementia. 


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Children with dementia need change now. Half die before the age of 10.

Your contribution will support ongoing, urgent work to accelerate research, improve care, and to make childhood dementia a health priority.

Please don't leave childhood dementia to slowly kill more children like Noah.