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Families like Renee's need your help. 

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Your monthly donation will support long-lasting change for families like Renee's. Renee is mum to Holly (left), Austin (middle) and Hudson (right). All 3 children have a condition that causes childhood dementia.

Children with dementia lose their memories, speech, mobility and their lives. They need action to end this cruel disease.

Renee told us:

“I have three happy children who are full of life, yet their lives are on short time. My main priority is to ensure that we fill a lifetime of memories into a few short years.” 

Renee says that childhood dementia is still not receiving the awareness it deserves.

“I know as a parent how isolating it can be and there are days where you feel completely hopeless. I want to make other families, like ours, living with childhood dementia feel supported and have hope for a future with more research and treatments available to overcome this disease.” 

Please become a monthly giver and join Renee and Childhood Dementia Initiative to drive awareness, action and a wave of innovative new research. As a monthly giver, you'll ensure ongoing action for children like Holly, Austin and Hudson and give their families hope for the future. 

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