One in every 2,800 babies is born with a genetic condition
that leads to childhood dementia

They will stop recognising their parents and those who love them most. 

They will forget how to talk and walk. 

They will die before they reach adulthood.

700,000 cases

Around the world 700,000 children and young people are living with childhood dementia.

70 rare causes

Childhood dementia is caused by 70+ conditions.
Less than 5% have a treatment.

1000 life years lost

Each year in Australia more than 1000 life years are lost due to the premature deaths caused by childhood dementia.

Join fellow Childhood Dementia Initiative supporters as they conquer some of the highest peaks in Australia and help shine a light on childhood dementia.

Come with us and take on the challenge of trekking some of the most remarkable parts of Australia’s Snowy Mountain range to raise funds and urgent awareness for childhood dementia.

This is an adventure like no other! Not only will you trek to the summit of Mt. Kosciuszko, Australia’s highest mountain, but also its sister peak Mt. Etheridge and the nearby Rams Head North. As you put your mind and body to the test, you’ll be rewarded with unparalleled views of colossal mountainscapes, majestic alpine woodlands and the breathtaking expanse of endless open sky. See historic huts nestled in the mountainside and the crystal clear waters of Lake Cootapatamba, one of only six glacial lakes in Australia.

And the best part? As you conquer some of Australia’s highest peaks, you’ll be helping inspire action and accelerate solutions for children suffering with dementia.

Please don’t leave childhood dementia to slowly kill more children.

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Our publications 

White paper

Our white paper, Childhood Dementia: the case for urgent action highlights the size, scale and wide-reaching impacts of childhood dementia.

Burden of disease study

The burden study prepared by THEMA Consulting, Childhood Dementia in Australia,  quantifies the burden of childhood dementia on patients, carers, the healthcare system and our society.

The devastating impact

First it takes their brain 
Then it takes their life

Dementia is usually only associated with the elderly. Tragically, hundreds of thousands of children also suffer from dementia.

It’s caused by more than 70 neurodegenerative disorders, many of which are not yet understood.

For parents, the diagnosis often comes as a complete shock. They may have noticed developmental delays, but do not expect to hear their child is terminally ill. Or that there is no cure.

They must watch their child’s mind and body slowly degenerate.

Their child will stop recognising those who love them most. 

They will forget how to talk and walk. 

They will die before they reach adulthood.

With your help, we can take action.

The solution

Great minds, loud voices, global initiatives

Childhood Dementia Initiative is a global organisation driving research and advocacy to urgently disrupt the impact of childhood dementia on children and families across the world.

We are bringing together great minds willing to challenge the status quo. 
We are challenging the research world to think differently and come together to find better ways to solve childhood dementia.

We are advocating for action with loud voices.
We are raising awareness of childhood dementia and the horrific impact it has on thousands of families around the world. 

We are accelerating global research into therapies and cures for childhood dementia. 
We enable and provide end-to-end innovative, fast-tracked and collaborative research programs to find solutions for childhood dementia.

Be a catalyst of change

By supporting the Childhood Dementia Initiative, you are accelerating solutions for children who are suffering. 

You can donate. 

You can help drive research.

You can raise awareness.

And you will help bring answers to children and families all over the world.

Join us

Help end childhood dementia

Children with dementia are dying before they’ve had a chance to truly live. We must act now.

Help drive research and advocacy to fast-track solutions for childhood dementia. 

Your gift today will help end the suffering of children and families.

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