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Thank you for your care and interest in childhood dementia. Children, young people and families will benefit from your awareness and understanding.

Below, you’ll find information on childhood dementia created for health and care professionals. You’ll also find resources to support you when working with children with dementia and their families. Take me there now.

Together with you, we can improve the quality of life for children with dementia. 

We are building a suite of practical information resources, informed by consumers and health professionals. To keep up to date about new tools and important developments, let us know how to reach you.

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Eddie had been incredibly unwell. He had an enormous amount of tubes and all sorts of devices going in and out of his body. He was incredibly sick, we weren't quite sure if he was going to make it. They were very short staffed, but this one nurse, whose name I will never forget, her name is Emma, she helped me bath him and put some fresh clothes on him and wash his hair. It gave me some time to hold him and be near him and create a memory I’ll never forget, years later.

- Ali, mum to Eddie

Resources and information for you

Understanding childhood dementia

Information resources on childhood dementia created for health and social care professionals.

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Working with families

Resources to support you when working with and supporting families and children with dementia.

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The Clinical Perspective: for clinicians

Information to help clinicians work with families in clinical settings developed with family and clinician insights. COMING IN 2023. 

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Palliative care & end of life 

Resources on the childhood dementia trajectory for children, palliative care, and family experiences and needs. COMING IN 2023. 

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