Article: Research Australia Inspire magazine

30 April 2021

Childhood Dementia Initiative is pleased to be featured in Research Australia's Autumn edition of Inspire magazine. The magazine showcases innovation in health and medical research. 

The article 'Childhood Dementia: It's Time to do Things Differently' raises awareness of the opportunities for researchers to work collaboratively to develop new effective treatments for childhood dementia. 

Childhood Dementia Initiative's Kris Elvidge and Megan Donnell share:

The shared presentation and impacts of these disorders present a powerful opportunity. Research that concurrently investigates multiple childhood dementias, or mechanisms common to multiple disorders, can enable to-date untapped economies of scale and greater patient benefits."

Additionally, the shared utilisation of data, technology, and infrastructure, including patient registries and biobanking, can deliver significant efficiencies.

Shared and streamlined platform technologies to deliver high-cost gene therapy to children with dementia can also deliver faster, urgently needed results.

"A new approach to researching the disorders that cause childhood dementia has the potential to generate significant efficiencies and make urgently needed gains for children suffering from dementia," says Kris Elvidge, Head of Research at Childhood Dementia Initiative. "The Initiative is working to bring the worlds' brilliant health and medical researchers together and to build new global collaborations."

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