Childhood Dementia Initiative is thrilled to reveal the official date for our highly anticipated global awareness campaign, FACE it

The colourful campaign is set for Childhood Dementia Day, Wednesday 18 September 2024.

Schools and workplaces are setting activity calendars up now. Text that can be used to propose adding FACE it to the calendar has been created.

Add FACE it to the diary

“This is the perfect time to get FACE it in the diary,” says Childhood Dementia Initiative’s Brad Phillips.

Brad emphasised the importance of the campaign, stating, “FACE it brings together a global movement that refuses to accept the status quo for kids with dementia. Increased awareness, research funding, and improved support are all urgently needed. FACE it is about making childhood dementia impossible to ignore."

To FACE it:

  1. Register your school, workplace or family for tips, reminders and access to the free FACE it kit.
  2. Make your face colourful. You can use face paints, stickers or colourful face masks.
  3. Share your photo on Childhood Dementia Day, 18 September 2024. You'll be part of the movement that's making childhood dementia impossible to ignore.

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