Initiative Seeks Founding Investors

4 January 2021

Childhood Dementia Initiative is seeking Founding Investors to help make childhood dementia a national health priority.

Childhood dementia is a harrowing disease. It robs children of the ability to learn, walk, talk and even recognise their own family. In most cases, after suffering appalling quality of life, it robs children of their lives. While it is as common as cystic fibrosis and motor neurone disease, it is little-known and under-researched.

It doesn't have to be this way. We invite you to join the effort to finally end this disease. Founding Investors are a growing group of donors who are powering new, coordinated and accelerated action to find treatments and improve children's lives. You will help shine the light on this disease and, vitally, generate a shift in the way childhood dementia is viewed and researched.

For too long the 70+ disorders that cause childhood dementia have attracted little attention or research. Most of the limited research undertaken to date has focused on one disorder at a time. This is despite the shared presentations and impacts of these conditions. The result: devastatingly slow progress. Treatments exist for less than 5% of the conditions causing childhood dementia.

Childhood Dementia Initiative was established in 2020 to bring great minds, loud voices and global researchers together. We are advocating and driving for cutting edge science which focuses on multiple diseases at once. 

Your Founding Investor donation will support a two-year strategic plan. The focus is on developing the groundswell, networks and collaborations needed to speed up progress to treatments. 

Founding Investors who make a tax-deductible gift of $5,000 or more will be highlighted here on our website as key enablers of this world-first strategy to end childhood dementia. 

Childhood dementia is unacceptable. Please don't leave childhood dementia to slowly kill more children.

If you would like to discuss how your generosity can help create a world without childhood dementia, you can reach us at You can donate securely today here:

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"Childhood dementia is every parent’s worst nightmare. We’ve had to watch our beautiful seven-year-old daughter lose the ability to run, to walk, to dance. She’s lost the ability to speak. She’s going blind, she’s finding it harder and harder to recognise family and friends.
The Childhood Dementia Initiative is the key to solving this problem. There is so little knowledge and research being done in this area and we need to invest in it to give our children and parents hope for the future." 
-Bobbie, mum to Tayla (pictured) who suffers from childhood dementia