Media: The Guardian 15 May

A report in The Guardian on 15 May 2023 gave comprehensive insight into childhood dementia, what it means for families & the urgent need for more research & support.

To help generate awareness and change, Childhood Dementia Family Advocates, Teresa and Steve Lloyd and Vanita Connery shared some of their personal experiences with childhood dementia. Sadly, both families have two children with a condition that causes childhood dementia. The Lloyds shared their distress when, at diagnosis, they were told there were no treatments and the condition was terminal. Connery, shared some of the challenges faced when seeking vital respite and support.

Childhood Dementia Initiative CEO, Megan Maack, was also interviewed on our calls for the inclusion of children in Australia’s National Dementia Action Plan.

“We looked at the funding from the government between 2019 and 2021, and there was 20 times more funding that went into cancer than childhood dementia, but the same amount of children die,” she says.

This article also features insights from researchers and clinicians and how urgent progress for children with dementia can be made. Read more here:

‘You mean there’s nothing?’ The families fighting for their children with dementia' by Bianca Nogrady.