New resource drives awareness

24 May 2022

Childhood Dementia Initiative has released a three-minute explainer video on childhood dementia. Made possible by funding from the Australian government, the video was developed to drive a better understanding of the causes, symptoms, severity and prevalence of the condition.

The video is one component of a suite of information resources Childhood Dementia Initiative is creating for health and social care professionals. A childhood dementia fact sheet developed alongside it features key facts and statistics covered in the animation.
“Resources like this are key to building more awareness and understanding of childhood dementia so that children and families can be better supported,” explains Gail Hilton, Head of Services at Childhood Dementia Initiative.
Childhood dementia is not only devastating and life-limiting, it also affects an estimated 700,000 globally and, on average, takes a life every 11 minutes. “And yet, it is still little-known or understood,” says Hilton. “This lack of awareness has meant that children, their families and the disease as a whole simply haven’t been getting the support, care, response, or research focus that’s needed. That’s what we’re changing with resources like this,” says Hilton. 
Childhood Dementia Initiative gratefully received funding from the Australian government’s Department of Health to develop world-first information resources like this video over a two-year period. 
“We will be sharing more resources soon. Currently, we’re consulting with families on how health and social care professionals can best support them. We’re looking forward to sharing their insights,” adds Hilton.