Presentation: Genomics & healthcare

21 May 2021

Childhood Dementia Initiative was pleased to present at the HealthData21 conference in May. This conference focused on future healthcare and the use of data analytics and genomics. It was created to bring together Australasia’s digital health innovators. 

Megan Donnell, Childhood Dementia Initiative CEO, used her own family’s experience to powerfully detail the pivotal moments that she and her two children missed out on the life-changing and life-saving opportunities that genomics can offer.

“The gaps in information and treatment options I covered are just some of those experienced around the world by families who have children with dementia. This presentation also gives insight into some of the systemic changes that could significantly improve outcomes and quality of life for children,” says Megan.

Watch Megan’s presentation here:

More information

Genomics refers to the holistic study of all of a person’s genes (the genome). It is a powerful tool that can be used to screen for susceptibility to rare diseases prior to conception, and rapidly diagnose rare diseases in early life prior to symptoms arising or once symptoms appear. Genomics can give families important genetic information, allowing them to make informed choices and access the best available treatments as early as possible.