Sean Murray

“Childhood Dementia. The fact that these two words go together is appalling. We need to recognise this as a serious and urgent issue and fix it.

Sean brings to Childhood Dementia Initiative’s Strategic Advisory Group considerable knowledge of the not-for-profit space, and expertise in driving research and responding to patient community support needs.

He is a founding director, and since 2011, the CEO of national not-for-profit, the Mito Foundation. He leads the foundation’s work to support the Australian mitochondrial disease community while driving research to find preventions, treatments, and cures. He has a strong family connection to mitochondrial disease and is deeply motivated to achieve the foundation’s goal to cure mitochondrial disease.

Since 2020, Sean has served as a member of the Childhood Dementia Initiative’s inaugural Board.

Sean’s background includes software development, business consulting and general management. His career previously focused on organisational change and project management. He has lived and worked in Australia, the UK and the US and has broad industry experience in both private and government sectors.

Sean holds a degree in Computer Science and Pure Mathematics (BSc) from Sydney University.