“I wish I didn’t have to understand that my child will never grow up or grow old.”

This Christmas Jane has shared her wishes so that we all take notice of the immense challenges she and thousands of other Australian parents are facing because their children have dementia.

“I hope you hear my wishes. I hope that these wishes make a difference and this letter prompts donations to help children like Noah. Putting these wishes and my story to the world, this is what I have to give."

Your tax-deductible donation is the reason 700,000 lives around the world will get the voice they all deserve to have. You are investing in a future where other families will not have to wish for their child to be able to eat Christmas dinner, open their christmas gifts, play with other children, be able to speak or sit up on their own.

Your donation will mean that people will know about childhood dementia and no other parent will have to wish that their child isn’t just viewed as different, or feel so isolated and alone.

Thank you for hearing Jane’s wishes and learning what Christmas with a child with dementia can feel like.

Donations over $2 are tax-deductible. After donating, you will receive a receipt by email. Childhood Dementia Initiative (ABN 84 642 096 053) is a registered non-profit charity.

Should you wish to post your donation or would like to consider leaving a gift in your Will you can reach us at: Childhood Dementia Initiative, P.O Box 475, Freshwater, NSW 2096; hello@childhooddementia.org.au.

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