“Childhood dementia. The fact that these two words go together is appalling. We need to recognise this as a serious and urgent issue and fix it.” - Sean Murray, Director, Childhood Dementia Initiative

Your tax-deductible donation is the reason 700,000 lives around the world will get the voice they all deserve to have.

You are investing in world-first action to raise awareness that childhood dementia does exist. You are bringing together minds, traversing countries, diseases and specialities enabling economies of scale across medical research and care for children with dementia. You are driving a global, collective approach with end-to-end innovative and collaborative programs that lead to treatments, cures and better quality of life for children. Thank you.

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Connecting children to vital support that will change the quality of their whole family's lives now.

Increasing investment in research into childhood dementia disorders, so that in the future no family will have to watch their child die slowly from this disease. 

Investing in the Childhood Dementia Initiative, ensuring it will continue to fight for children with dementia for as long as it takes.


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Childhood Dementia Initiative (ABN 84 642 096 053) is a registered non-profit charity.

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