Panel Event: Childhood Dementia Webinar

18 November 2020

An online panel discussion elevated awareness and understanding of childhood dementia on Wednesday, 18 November. Expert panelists discussed findings from the Childhood Dementia Initiative’s recent research on the impacts and prevalence of childhood dementia. They also discussed how we can tackle this horrific disease.

“Overwhelmingly, people are sharing with us their shock that children can suffer from dementia,” says Gail Hilton, Project Manager at Childhood Dementia Initiative. “This panel was an opportunity for us to break down for people what this disease is and how significantly it impacts children and families and for those attending to ask questions. Importantly too, we shared not just the need for urgent action, but opportunities to make real gains by approaching childhood dementia differently.”

Expert panelists included:

  • Sean Murray - CEO, The Mito Foundation
  • Dr Nick Smith - Head of Paediatric Neurology, Women's & Children's Hospital, Adelaide
  • Tiffany Boughtwood - Manager, Australian Genomics
  • Megan Donnell - CEO, Childhood Dementia Initiative

You can watch a recording of this panel here


The research findings discussed during this panel are from the Childhood Dementia Initiative’s detailed burden of disease report

Our White Paper report summarises the technical findings of that report and discusses actions needed to tackle the disease.

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