Launch of Initiative raises awareness

12 December 2020

Six weeks of launch activities for Childhood Dementia Initiative resulted in awareness and momentum to end childhood dementia.

  • Our world-first burden of disease study and white paper on the social and economic impacts of childhood dementia were published. 
  • A launch event at NSW Parliament House put childhood dementia on the radar of government decision-makers, funders and journalists. Since then, we’ve been pleased to engage with MPs and government representatives looking to understand childhood dementia and what can be done about it.
    • Shares and comments on posts on the Initiative's fledgling Facebook page resulted in 30,000+ people hearing about childhood dementia. We know for most, it will have been the first time they had heard of childhood dementia. 

    • Interested people from across Australia and the world attended our online expert panel discussion explaining what childhood dementia is and how we can end it.

    • Generous parents stepped forward and offered to share their experiences with childhood dementia to build understanding and awareness of this devastating disease.

    • Kind people from across Australia donated to end childhood dementia.

    The generosity, interest and momentum we've seen in under 6 weeks shows that the time for change is now. It’s clear to all who hear about childhood dementia that we must end this disease once and for all.

    To help end childhood dementia, please donate today